Fact Sheets

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a renter is an excellent way to start when you are looking to resolve a problem with your tenancy. These fact sheets and checklists may help you resolve the issue.

Please note

  1. These fact sheets provide general information that is not intended to provide or replace legal advice about your particular circumstances.
  2. While changes were made to the Residential Tenancy Act effective 1 July 2013, some of the old laws may actually still apply to you. If you entered into a lease prior to 1 July 2013, the old laws may still be valid. In which case we strongly encourage you to get appropriate legal/tenancy advice from our advice line or your local tenancy service.

Starting a Tenancy

During a Tenancy

Ending a Tenancy

Family and Domestic Violence

Going to Court to Resolve a Rental Issue

General information