Tenancy Laws Change to Protect Victims of FDV

Yesterday new changes to WA's tenancy laws came into force to protect people experiencing family and domestic violence. The result of many years of advocacy and hard work by countless individuals and organisations these laws will make a significant difference to individuals who may be experiencing FDV while renting. Tenancy WA congratulates the McGowan government on making sure these changes came into law. FDV is the leading cause of homelessness in WA with those most commonly affected being women and children. These laws will make a difference to thousands of tenants every year.

For more information on the new changes visit www.safetenancy.wa.gov.au.

For a detailed account of the operation of the laws see our range of new FDV facts sheets:

  • FDV Fact Sheet 1 - A kit for people who have experienced family violence and need to make changes in their tenancy.
  • FDV Fact Sheet 2 - My co-tenant has issued a Family Violence Termination Notice, what are my rights?
  • FDV Fact Sheet 3 - I’ve been accused of family violence, what are my rights and responsibilities in my tenancy?